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Wow, I could have had a beet juice

By Susana Plascencia
If you totally forgot that you could have had a different type of drink than the one you just drank — think those vintage head-slapping TV commercials for a certain vegetable juice – and yes they still make that stuff — then you were probably not drinking beet juice.  Confused?  Well you wouldn’t be if you had been imbibing Biotta beet juice, which studies have shown can fight the progression of dementia.
Beets have moved up from the untouched serving dish at grandma’s supper table to become the bottled delicacy of the super-healthy-conscious.  Made from beetroots, this juice is sweet and earthy, low in fat and an excellent source of folic acid.  While the idea of drinking down boiled beets might make you pucker, Biotta has churned out a surprisingly delicious juice that tastes like beets in their most natural and fresh state, and true to nature the juice preserves the rich violet red color.
Juiced beets are not just tasty and easy to consume, without the peel or hassle and mess and stain of steaming beets in your kitchen, they have near superpowers when it comes to nutrients, such as
natural betacyanin, which gives beetroots their color and contains phyto-nutrients that are believed to strengthen the immune system, reduce blood pressure, increase stamina and fight the progression of Dementia.  Nutritionists say that beet juices drinkers may experience these benefits by drinking two cups of beet juice a day.