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STITCH is new concept in alterations

before 1Just in time for awards season, the new concept in alternations, STITCH on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, is ready for its fitting.  This high tech tailoring boutique of its time, where clients can get a nip and tuck in style, features the panache of an art gallery and the service of a top salon, where customers model their fashions needing a hem here or a cinch there, while they sip wine, listen to swanky music and gaze at fine artwork, while attended to with the deference usually reserved for movie stars.
In fact, as Hollywood’s red carpet events get closer, you may even see a movie star stopping in for a pinning or a dress design, though more likely the trained tailors make home — or mansion — calls for those VIP clients.  While entertainment industry clients are a mainstay of their business, often requiring on-set wardrobe assistance for film, TV and commercial shoots, the shop serves all types of customers.
Founder Alexander Harden created the fresh approach to alterations and design to give customers an alternative to the cramped seamstress stations tucked away in a tiny back corner of a seamstress shop or dry cleaner.
“It’s time the alteration and design industry caught up with the modern world,” says Harden.  “STITCH is a progressive brand, seeking to update and upgrade the traditional tailoring experience. Not only are we bringing the industry up-to-date technologically, but also technically. We’ve set an extremely high standard for our seamstresses, who wield both experience and professional training from reputable schools, so we guarantee our customers outstanding results, no matter the task.”
The upscale setting has made STITCH a favorite for brides and brides maids, where the curtained back rooms can be expanded to become one large dressing area to create festive atmosphere for the bridal party. Of course the rooms can also be curtained to be private, for those customers like me who loathe an embarrassing public fitting.
The shop is also popular with dapper gentlemen and entertainment industry and business professionals who want to have that certain impeccably tailored look to their suits.
Recently I took in a fabulous red business dress that I found that I loved, but it was two sizes too large.  It brought it to STITCH where they did a major overhaul on the dress to make it fit perfectly.   They kept me updated on the status of my alterations by email and text, then they delivered the dress to my door when it was finished.  Great service, and expert, high-quality workmanship, that made me look and feel like a celebrity.