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Press Juicery Cold Presses Health in a Bottle

By Susana Plascencia
Juice lovers rejoice, Pressed Juicery has opened another location in the Los Angeles area, in Hollywood.  If you have not heard of Pressed Juicery, it’s the Mecca for those who crave fresh pressed juice in its purist form.  The juice bar’s juices are 100% raw and unpasteurized and cold-pressed daily on a custom-built hydraulic press.  The concept behind the production method is to minimize oxidation which occurs in the normal juicing process, preserving the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the juice.
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The unique blends of juices are made from 100% fruits, nuts and vegetables.  The shop now has a soft-serve frozen concoction, Freeze, which is vegan and dairy-free, available in six different flavors including greens, citrus, fruits, roots, vanilla almond and chocolate almond.  Unlike your traditional frozen treat toppings bar, their toppings include fresh fruit, chia seeds, goji berries and rose syrup.  There’s also a chocolate hard shell made from honey, cacao and coconut oil.
The founders of Pressed Juicery have their own interesting story.  Three friends, Carly de Castro Hayden Slayter Hedi Gores, came together in the summer of 2010 on their own personal journey towards health and well-being. After losing her mom to cancer, Carly envisioned a business that would make nutrient-rich juice more accessible to all, particularly those with weakened immune systems.  Hayden, A former fast food junkie, Hayden transformed his entire life by introducing juice into his diet, and has since lost over 60 pounds.  Hedi became a mother set out to create a place where people, especially kids, could incorporate healthy eating into their everyday lives.
They had all been positively impacted by incorporating cold-pressed juice and juice cleansing into their lives, and they wanted to share their secret recipe for helath with everyone.  They created Pressed Juicery to bring delicious, premium, and nutritious juice to everyone with the promise to “make it taste great. Make it simple. Make it affordable. Make it for everyone.”
The latest Hollywood location, at 6201 Hollywood Blvd, is one of eight local Pressed Juiceries in Southern California, joining Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Downtown L.A., Studio City, West Hollywood and Westwood Village, as well as a mobile Juice Truck located in Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway, and the refrigerator at the TOMS store in Venice.