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Pink Dot marks the spot on LA streets

LA’s legendary Pink Dot rises again with fresh fare on more products on demand

Expect to see more of those adorable polka-dotted VW bugs on LA’s side streets, as Pink Dot is buzzing again. The LA-unique uber-convenience delivery service that delivers milk, baby wipes, or even a casual dinner to your door, within minutes, is expanding its offerings and keeping Angelenos stocked up with just about whatever they need, day or night.
For the busy parents, workaholics and other shut-ins, Pink Dot brings the goods to keep you going.  If you noticed a few more of the branded bugs on the road over the last few years, that’s because new owner Sol Yamini has dedicated himself to reviving the service that he had grown up on. With a new website in 2017, and a brand refresh, Yamini has focused on Weho and LA delivery areas, operating out of the flagship store on Sunset Boulevard.
The service has adding upgraded items, like sandwiches made with Boar’s Head deli meats and Clark Street bread, and first-ever delivery options, such as a Cocktails on Demand kits.
A bit of history: Before there was Amazon Express, there was Pink Dot. The original owner, entrepreneur Bill Toro, launched the concept in 1987, and by 1999 he had opened 12 locations.. As happens with many great ideas, the company expanded too soon too fast, and by 2001 the darling of LA side streets was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Yamini acquired the stalled out business and gave it some gas.  Now Pink Dot is hitting the streets of WeHo and LA again, with a vengeance. With the same buggies but a new look and improved technology to make ordering easy, and tons of new products, the polka-dotted bugs are back, zipping around the city from 9 am to 2 am, getting LA loafers what they want, when they want it, within 45 minutes.