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Joe's Pizza: NYC-style pizza, complete with attitude

Hollywood pizzeria serves up hot slices, gruff service no extra charge

If you’d like a taste of the Big Apple, but you don’t want to venture from the streets of LA, Joe’s Pizza in Hollywood has a hot pizza pie waiting for you.  This hole-in-the-wall restaurant offers as close to the real-deal of a NYC pizzeria that Angelenos can get, without a long flight East.
The gruff but efficient wait staff – or rather the guys behind the counter who will take your order and slide your pizza onto your table when it’s done – don’t suffer stalling or indecision.  You can see the pizzas behind the glass, so just give your order already.
You can choose a whole pizza or order by-the-slice, from options including Caprese Pizza, consisting of large hunks of soft mozzarella and full slices of tomato; Grandma Pizza, slathered with tomato sauce and covered with pieces of mozzarella and adorned with basil; meatball, peperoni, or sausage pizza; or any of the other selections on display, including a vegan-cheese gluten-free pizza, just for the LA crowd.
The crust is thin and crisp, just the way New Yorkers like it, with all the flavor and grease you could desire in a piping hot slice of pizza, served up quick, and served simply on a paper plate. And, yeah, they got dessert.  It’s cannoli. It’s good. Take it or leave it; they got other customers.
There’s just a few tables for dining in, but most patrons dine and dash, so there’s not a lot of lingering. They don’t come for the ambiance or BS. They come for an excellent slice of pizza, and they can get it at Joe’s, in a New York minute.