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Adaptive pillow made to alleviate neck pain

sleep with us pillow
Anyone with neck pain knows the challenge of finding just the right pillow.  For neck pain sufferers, that usually mans a pillow that supports the neck without raising the head too high, or a pillow that is not so flat that it has to be folded or hands placed underneath it to raise it up when lying on the side.
Inventor Andy Barkin took on the task of creating the perfect pillow for an uncle who had neck pain, and the result was the patent-pending Sleep With Us Pillow ($89.99), a uniquely engineered pillow that adapts as the sleeper changes position.
The pillow contains two with high-resiliency inserts contained within a viscoelastic base.  These wedges stay put on the sides of the pillow, while the center of the pillow is hollowed more so the head is cradled when sleeping on the back.  When the sleeper rolls onto his or her side, the inserts provide added support, so the sleeper does not have to wake up to fold or otherwise rearrange the pillow to make it higher.
This added support for the sleeper on the side keeps the neck and spine aligned, for comfort and spine health.
While the function of the pillow makes it unique, Barkin aimed to make the pillow look ordinary, as a nod to his wife, who eschewed those other memory foam pillows shaped like wedges or kidney beans that did not look aesthetically pleasing on a well-made bed.
To make the pillow further appealing, Barkin used materials and coverings that are hypoallergenic, easy-to-clean and inhospitable to dust mites.

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